Expert Financial Innovators:

Financial planning and Financial management in the broad sense of these phrases, requires multiple specialities and disciplines to achieve success.  So it is with many clients that find themselves dealing with numerous companies and individuals that all offer differing viewpoints regarding financial planning and management in their respective fields.  At Ducome we believe that through innovation and the use of experts in all these various fields, all working together to provide our clients with the most holistic advice and services, we can truly capture the essence of financial planning.  Some of these services include accounting, legal, fiduciary, tax, assurance, investments, administration, group schemes and estate planning.

What we do?

Our core focus lies in our ability to act as a professional Multi-Family Office (MFO).  Our believe is that financial planning and financial management is a family affair, but more than that, it should look at all your affairs, businesses, trusts and other assets as if they are all part of your extended family.  They all play a part, and what happens in one of these may impact the others in many, and sometimes unforeseen ways.  Pulling all of these facets of your planning together, is what we do.

How we do this?

By becoming a part of your extended family, we get to know every aspect of your financial affairs.  We discover your wants and needs, risks you may face, how all of this may impact your family in future and how to expand your wealth to the benefit of your family.